Let’s be honest, life is beautifully complex. It’s filled with dreamers, thinkers and innovators; trailblazers and trendsetters; disruptors and conformists. We live in a world where an entire generation believes that self-worth is determined by the number of clicks on the Like button or the number of strangers “following” them in a digital space.

We are bombarded with images and ideals of what we are told life should be like for us women. It’s a daily survival against a tidal wave of messaging that does more to sabotage our worth than help empower us. What happened to singularity, free-spiritedness and a delicious stamp of personality? Why can’t us women independently craft our future while creating new rules and standards? What happened to boldly stamping our personalities on our environments as we work on turning our dreams into reality? Whatever happened to weaving our unique beliefs and world-views into a life of purpose and passion?

I, for one, am tired of perceptions, stereotypes, averages, conventions, and expectations. I am tired of societal cards being stacked up against us. It is time we unapologetically do life on our own terms!

I am Tracey-anne Buckley Aggett. And I’m determined to help more women learn how to live to their fullest potential, to be the best version of themselves, all the time.


After being crowned Mrs Universe First Runner Up 2016 in China and being exposed to an international network of women from across the universe, my vision and mission to empower women around Africa become more of a reality. I had a platform, an international network, and an opportunity to make this vision come to life.

2017 was a phenomenal year. I was appointed the Mrs Universe Hosting Director for Africa and in an historic first for the continent, I paved the way for the event to be staged on African soil for the first time. Durban played host to Mrs Universe from 24 August – 2 September 2017.

Packing a powerful women empowerment ethos, Mrs Universe brought together women from more than 80 countries around the world; women who were doing phenomenal things in their respective countries.

This concept of women breaking down barriers and stereotypes to help each other AND help create a global village of women and girls who believe in themselves, resonates deeply with me and my Le-Fem brand. Here in Africa, women’s rights – to education, safety, employment, dignity and so much more – are now, more than ever, pertinent.

Each and every one of us can serve as a catalyst for positive change within ourselves and within society. It’s the core belief around which I grew Le-Fem. I firmly believe that a combination of devotion, faith, aspirations and positivity are the recipe to any success. I have practised these during my journey through childhood and young adulthood trials (abuse, anorexia and drugs use) and through adulthood as I navigated my way through life as a model, fashion designer, luxury brand ambassador, businesswoman, brand consultant, coach, motivational speaker and women rights activist.

I believe this is what Forbes Magazine recognized when it listed me among the 100 African Women to watch out for in 2016.

Let the magic begin!

Are you ready to be your own game-changer?

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